From all aspects of college life, here's a list of the most useful websites for college students.

Classroom Tools

  • - Scope out new professors for the upcoming semester and rate and review the ones you had. A comprehensive site with tons of reviews on what former students thought their professors.
  • Evernote - Great note taking tool perfect for college.
  • Docsity - A nice collection of college tools: test banks full of past exams, lecture notes and study guides.
  • Piazza - Piazza is an online Q&A platform designed to connect students, TAs, and professors so students in the class can get questions answered quickly anytime and anywhere. Both students and professors can set up Piazza hubs for their classes.

Financial Aid Websites

  • FAFSA - The go to government website for obtaining college grants and loans.
  • Fastweb - A great place to search and apply for college scholarships.
  • - This site has every possible thing you ever need to know about financial aid and paying for college. Easily the top resource on the web on the subject.

College Textbook Websites

Buying and Selling

  • eBay - This online auction site provides an easy way to sell your stuff and find good deals on things you may need.
  • Amazon - The world's biggest online retailer and one of the best places to buy your textbooks. Students can also get a free Amazon Prime account and get free two-day shipping.
  • Craigslist - A popular and free local classifieds service.


  • Wikipedia - A good tool for looking up information fast, this free online encyclopedia provides a useful starting place for your research projects. (Just don't cite Wikipedia in your papers.)

College Finance Websites

  • - Helps track your spending so you can be on top of your college budget.

College Fashion and Design Websites

Best Web 2.0 Tools and Online Apps for Students

  • - Free online file storage and sharing. Makes it useful in accessing your files on any computer or device with an internet connection.
  • Flickr - Share and organize your photos online.
  • YouTube - Video sharing website great for storing your videos, viewing educational lectures, listening to music, and killing time.
  • Reddit - News site where the stories are chosen by community members rather than editors.

Best Free Software Programs Useful for Students
  • Gimp - Just like Adobe Photoshop, but free.
  • iTunes - Organize your music, access podcasts and get your music on, of course.
  • Skype - With this program you can chat with your friends for free online.
  • OpenOffice - A free alternative to Microsoft Office with spreadsheets and word processing.
  • FileZilla - A free FTP program for transferring files between computers.
  • VLC Player - Free high-quality video player.

Social Networking and Blogging

  • Facebook - Social networking essential for college students. Many believe a facebook account is a must-have for college students as a way to connect with current and former classmates.
  • Twitter - A quick way to get out messages and random thoughts to others online.

College Sports Websites

  • ESPN - One of the most visited websites by college students, useful for following up on your favorite college sports team.


  • - One of the most visited websites by college students. Site includes videos, funny stories and pics.

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