As many students head home for college break they come with loads of dirty laundry and an appetite for some home-cooked meals. After months of eating cafeteria food and being crammed in a dorm room the break comes at a much needed time: after a grueling week of finals. A college break is well deserved, but can go by pretty quickly. (Read: How to stay busy during winter break.)

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How College Students Travel Home for College Break

Survey Results

We asked 800+ college students if they were going home for winter break and how they were getting there. Nearly 93% of students reported they were going home for break. Of those going home, a third fly home, a third drive themselves, while the others either get picked up by parents, carpool with friends, or take the train/bus.

how students travel home for winter break

Number of Students Surveyed: 834
Survey Date Range: October 18, 2010 - December 16, 2010