We surveyed over 1000 college students nationwide and asked them what their biggest complaints about college were. Here are the most popular answers that were given about what students hated most about their college experience.

  1. Parking. The school's parking situation sucks and the parking rates are crazy.
  2. The price of textbooks! You spend hundreds of dollars on them and only use them for a few months. It seems like such a rip off.
  3. The cafeteria food is gross.
  4. Having to take mandatory prerequisites and electives.
  5. 7am classes.
  6. College is too expensive.
  7. The school is too big; too many students. (See Biggest Colleges in the US.)
  8. There is a lack of community feel at a big college.
  9. When TA's end up teaching most of the class instead of the actual professor.
  10. When the professor publishes their own textbook and requires it for their class. Seems so unfair.
  11. Being homesick.
  12. Being forced to abide to the school's meal plan.
  13. Student fees that aren't covered by tuition scholarships.
  14. When the new version of a textbook comes out at the end of the term, meaning you can't sell it back.
  15. The time constraint it has on you. College is a lot of work to handle all at once.
  16. The Dissertation process is a nightmare.
  17. Hate being away from family.
  18. Having a roommate.
  19. Not getting enough privacy.
  20. There are too many distractions on a college campus.
  21. Having to walk long distances across campus.
  22. Having to walk through the snow in the winter months.
  23. Students go a little wild at first because they aren't used to being on their own.
  24. All the required reading homework.
  25. The pressure on students to complete their degrees in a specific time frame.
  26. Too much to do and not enough time to do it.
  27. Being broke all the time.
  28. Homework keeps you so busy, it's hard to hold down a job.
  29. Not getting enough sleep.
  30. Construction on the school buildings. It is such an eyesore on campus.
  31. There is too much focus on sports.
  32. Some teachers are primarily interested in research, and they are not very good at teaching.
  33. The lack of independence when you live in the dorms.
  34. Three people to a dorm room.
  35. College (in general) places too much of an emphasis on academic success and not enough on professional development.
  36. I wish there was more effort put into guiding students on how to pick their majors.
  37. I disliked the fact that sometimes it was hard to get the classes I wanted.
  38. My college did not help me to find employment.