Hilarious college pranks

With all of the stresses that come with college, it's safe to say we could all use a good laugh and a little harmless fun.

Perhaps some of you out there may be thinking of a cool and funny prank you can pull on some of your friends or fellow classmates at school. We searched the web and collected a selection of some of the funniest pranks and skits ever pulled at college, guaranteed for a good laugh.

Most of these take place either in a classroom setting or in a dorm room. Maybe some of these college prank ideas will spur your imagination and give you an idea for a practical joke (just don’t get yourself into too much trouble).

  1. Super Mario

    A skit based on Super Mario Bros. Hilarious!

  2. Library Parachuters

    Two guys jump out of the window on the 21st floor of a library with parachutes.

  3. Gonzaga Love

    A remake of the rap hit "California Love" Gonzaga University style. A video by Barats and Bereta who recently got signed for an NBC pilot.

  4. Superman

    Student secretly dressed as Superman gets a call for help during class.

  5. Watergun Revenge

    A group of Princeton students dressed as agents totally soak a student while in class.

  6. Ghostbusters

    Four students wearing Ghostbusters costumes chase a ghost through college classes at Indiana University.

  7. PC Fratboys

    Another classic by the Barats and Bereta duo. A pair of politically correct frat boys at a Catholic college.

  8. Amazing Beer Pong Shots

    Beer pong is one of the most popular drinking games in college. This video shows some crazy shots.

  9. Mission Cups

    Roommates fill an entire dorm room floor full of cups of water while roommate is asleep.

  10. Dorm Balloon Prank

Bonus: Classic Dorm Room Pranks

Things can get pretty slow during your free time in college, especially during the winter months. The restlessness, boredom, and additional time spent indoors create a prime environment for mischievous acts. Students in the dorms with too much free time on their hands can only lead to one thing: Dorm Room Pranks.

Here's a look at some classic dorm room pranks pulled on fellow dorm mates.

The Upside Down Dorm Room Prank

The Foiled Dorm Room Prank

The Post-it Note Prank

Multiple Alarm Clocks Prank

Tug of War Dorm Room Door Prank

The Empty Dorm Room Prank

This is why you don't leave your dorm room unlocked.

Dorm filled with Newspaper Prank