Putting the learning aspect away, college life is all about meeting new people and making new friends.

For those that have always been outgoing, this may not come across as a problem of any sort, but not everyone has that type of skill. But that doesn't mean that you should plan on spending your Friday nights alone in your dorm room. No matter how small the campus is, every college has something for you to do on almost any night of the week that give you an opportunity to meet people in college.

Tips for Meeting People in College

The first thing you'll want to do is leave your door open as much as possible. What this will do is allow you to see people as they walk by and they will see you as well. The common understanding in college is that if your door is closed, you're either busy, getting busy, or not in your room. You'll be surprised how many people just wander around the dorms and will take the time to say hello. If you're adventurous, walk around the dorms until you hear a song coming out of an open room that you like and consider popping by and talking to them about the song.

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Each month your student activities board will most likely provide some form of calendar or flyer that will give you an idea of what's going on day-to-day on your campus. Many schools bring in local to big venue bands, comedians, and public speakers for your entertainment and enjoyment for a very affordable price. If there's an event that you think that your fellow students would benefit from, your student activities board is always looking for new suggestions and ideas.

And lastly, join a club! Whether it be about politics, religion, specific majors, the newspaper, campus radio, campus TV, or other concept, these clubs are in place because plenty of students find them interesting. You'll instantly have a common bond with these students as you're there for a specific topic. What have you got to lose? Just like with the student activities board, if there isn't a club for what you're interested in then it's time for you to start it yourself.

On a daily basis you pass by numerous people that you've never said “Hi” to. Whether you're in class or at the cafe, meeting new people is as simple as choosing a seat next to someone you've never met before. Just make sure you remembered to shower.