A study method that is very common on college campuses and preferred by a multitude of students is the PQRST method. PQRST allows a student to focus on studying and aids them in correlating the information to how it's going to be used on the test. This method also allows for better time management practices since it breaks down the study process into five different steps.

The Five Steps of the PQRST Study Method

  1. Preview – Look through the topic you have to learn and glance over all of the important information. If you are using your textbook and need to memorize a chapter, glance through the major headings and key points outlined throughout it.

  2. Question – Make up questions that you want to be able to answer during the exam. If your Professor has given you questions beforehand, try to mix them into the ones you formulate. While performing this step, make sure that your questions are not more specific or open-ended than the actual exam.

  3. Read – Read through all the reference material you have available that pertains to the topic you are studying. Make sure to place an emphasis on the material that relates to the questions you wish to know how to answer.

  4. Summary – Summarize all of the information and ideas into whatever summarization method you feel comfortable with. You can choose from writing your own notes, spider diagrams, flow diagrams, labeled diagrams, mnemonics, recording your own voice, or any other method that you enjoy and works for you.

  5. Test – This is the final step. Sit down and quiz yourself on the material. Try to answer all of the questions you laid out in step 2 as thoroughly and completely as possible. Using the information is a great way to remember it and it also takes the monotonous aspect out of studying. When performing this step, avoid adding questions that you did not create in step 2.