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July 26, 2017 OU Bizzell Memorial Library ranked in lists of most gorgeous, stunning libraries The Oklahoma Daily
February 4, 2014 Two Vermont traditions make top 100 The Vermont Cynic
January 20, 2014 OU students get 3 parties in top 100 The Athens News
January 15, 2014 To no Badger’s surprise, Mifflin, Freakfest reign on list of top college traditions The Badger Herald
January 14, 2014 CWRU’s Hudson Relays named in Campus Grotto’s “Top 100 Greatest College Tradition” List The Observer
January 9, 2014 Orgo Night and 40s on 40 make "Top 100 Greatest College Traditions" The Lion
January 8, 2014 College news site ranks Dillo Day among 'Greatest College Traditions' The Daily Northwestern
June 7, 2013 Scholarship app simplifies search The Triangle (Drexel U.)
October 26, 2012 Transparency needed in higher education The Triangle (Drexel U.)
October 24, 2012 The 50 most expensive U.S. colleges CBS
October 24, 2012 Soaring Tuition With Massive Debt: How Students Can Fight Back Fox Business
October 21, 2012 SMU tuition cost ranks among highest in nation SMU Daily Campus
October 19, 2012 College ranked seventh most expensive The Dartmouth
October 19, 2012 Drexel ranks eighth most expensive university The Triangle (Drexel U.)
October 17, 2012 Financing College Educations through Memorabilia and Mementos from the Past Forbes
October 16, 2012 A six-figure salary hike for Jackson Times Union
October 15, 2012 This just in: college continues to be expensive All Over Albany
October 15, 2012 Syracuse University just missed top 100 most expensive colleges
October 14, 2012 Room, board, arm, leg The Daily
October 12, 2012 Claremont Colleges, USC, Occidental Some of The Most Expensive Schools in America LA Weekly
October 12, 2012 Sarah Lawrence College named U.S.'s most expensive college for fifth time at over $61,000 a YEAR Daily Mail
October 12, 2012 Top 10 most expensive colleges USA Today College
October 12, 2012 Why Are You People Paying $61,236 For a Year of College? Gawker
October 12, 2012 The Most Expensive Colleges The Huffington Post
October 6, 2012 Surprise! NY Universities Get Top Ranking In List Of Most Expensive Schools Gothamist
October 6, 2012 Columbia, NYU among nation's priciest colleges New York Daily News
October 5, 2012 Sarah Lawrence Tops List of Most Expensive US Colleges ABC News and affiliates
October 5, 2012 GW falls to No. 40 most expensive college The GW Hatchet
October 4, 2012 The Most Expensive College In The Country Will Now Cost You $60K Consumerist
October 4, 2012 Most Expensive Colleges: 2012-2013 CNBC
February 4, 2012 Are Pace Dorms Too Expensive? The Pace Chronicle
January 21, 2012 The College-Aid Shuffle The Wall Street Journal
January 13, 2012 University Responds to Tuition Dispute The Triangle (Drexel U.)
December 15, 2011 Most Expensive US College Dorms CNBC
December 6, 2011 America's REAL Most Expensive Colleges Business Insider
November 17, 2011 American University has the most expensive student housing in the District The Georgetown Voice
November 14, 2011 Dormification of NYC
November 14, 2011 New York City Dorms Are Insanely Expensive Village Voice
November 14, 2011 The 10 Most Expensive College Dorms In The US Business Insider
November 10, 2011 Penn State Riots: The Dumbest Fan Reactions in Sports History Bleacher Report
October 27, 2011 Increased tuition prices part of larger nat’l trend The Dartmouth
October 20, 2011 Yale Among Most Expensive Yale Daily News
October 19, 2011 College costs, public and private, continue to rise People's World
October 13, 2011 Study: Wesleyan 7th most expensive school in country The Middletown Press
October 12, 2011 Daily Debriefing The Dartmouth
October 11, 2011 America's Most Expensive Colleges National Review
October 11, 2011 Still expensive, but less so (relatively) All over Albany
October 10, 2011 College sticker shock: Is $55,000 the new $50,000? The Washington Post
October 10, 2011 The Most Expensive Colleges In America: Campus Grotto List The Huffington Post
October 10, 2011 111 Colleges Now Cost More Than $50,000 a Year Fox News
October 10, 2011 111 Colleges Now Cost More Than $50,000 a Year The College Fix
October 09, 2011 Costs top $50,000 at 111 universities Yale Daily News
October 07, 2011 20 Colleges Costing Over $55,000 A Year Total Consumerist
October 06, 2011 Harvey Mudd, Claremont and USC Make List of Nation's Most Expensive Colleges LAist
September 20, 2011 The Most Expensive Colleges in the United States Money Talks News
August 24, 2011 The Students' Guide to Ebook Readers and Online Book Buying PC Mag
March 28, 2011 See the Sites: Campus Grotto
February 22, 2011 College Ranking Website Includes Villanova Among Most Expensive The Villanovan
February 3, 2011 $17,000 a Year for a Dorm Room? Lower Your College Housing Costs Daily Finance
November 23, 2010 Penn’s first library has long legacy The Daily Pennsylvanian
November 14, 2010 Costly on Campus The Panther (Chapman U.)
November 8, 2010 Consumer Report: Housing The Eagle (American U.)
November 7, 2010America's Most Expensive DormsNewser
November 4, 2010 Parents, Don't Let Your Kids Wind Up In One Of The Most Expensive Dorms Consumerist
November 3, 2010 Effective college cost on the rise after period of decline Student Life
November 2, 2010 The 9 Most Expensive Dorms: Campus Grotto List The Huffington Post
November 2, 2010 The 20 Most Expensive Dorms The Washington Post
October 29, 2010 Socioeconomic diversity: It’s time to move forward Student Life (WUSTL)
October 25, 2010 Georgetown is still an expensive college, says Campus Grotto The Georgetown Voice
October 21, 2010 University ranked No. 100 on list of most expensive schools The Daily Princetonian
October 21, 2010 Breaking: Wesleyan’s Really Expensive. Still. Wesleying
October 21, 2010 Website Ranks GW No. 9 in Priciest Colleges List The GW Hatchet
October 20, 2010 Most expensive colleges: GU, GWU getting cheaper? The Washington Post
October 20, 2010 Most Expensive Colleges 2010-2011 CNBC
October 20, 2010 Pricey Colleges, Vermont and Beyond Burlington Free Press
October 20, 2010 Cross Campus: 10.20.10 Yale Daily News
October 20, 2010 How Many of the Country's Most Expensive Universities are in L.A.? LAist
October 20, 2010 WU ranked 35th most expensive Student Life (WUSTL)
October 20, 2010 Sarah Lawrence tops list of pricey colleges at $56.4K a year Houston Chronicle
October 19, 2010 The 13 Most Expensive Colleges The Huffington Post
October 19, 2010 It Ain't Cheap Daily Herald (Brown)
October 19, 2010 USC 34th Inside SoCal
August 16, 2010 OU's Bizzell Memorial Library Named as One of the Most Beautiful College Campus Libraries University Parent Connection
August 3, 2010 The Most Expensive Places To Go To School Forbes
July 8, 2010 Bizzell named one of the most beautiful campus libraries in the nation The Oklahoma Daily
May 7, 2010 The Year in Review The Bowdoin Orient
March 29, 2010 The Most Expensive Colleges and Universities (Photos) The Huffington Post
March 22, 2010 JHU tuition crosses $40K mark The Washington Post
January 3, 2010 CMU senior puts focus on food with 4th start-up Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
December 18, 2009 A Modest Tour of America’s Most Expensive Dorm The New York Observer
November 4, 2009 Where Room and Board is nearing $16,000 a Year The New York Times
October 29, 2009 Skidmore Now 5th Most Expensive College In Universe Skidmore Unofficial
October 28, 2009 NYU ranked second most expensive school in nation Washington Square News
October 27, 2009 Skidmore College fifth most expensive, CampusGrotto says
October 26, 2009 GW Falls to No. 3! Metblogs
October 23, 2009 Bowdoin ranked 16th most costly U.S. college The Bowdoin Orient
October 23, 2009 Sarah Lawrence once again tops list of pricey colleges Daily Finance
October 22, 2009 America’s 10 Most Expensive Colleges CBS Moneywatch
October 21, 2009 The Most Expensive U.S. Colleges: SEE The 10 Biggest Tuition Bills The Huffington Post
October 19, 2009 Most Expensive Colleges CNBC
March 23, 2009 Southwest Named #3 on List of Best Intern Programs for College Students in the US Nuts about Southwest
January 1, 2009San Diego: College TownSan Diego Magazine
December 5, 2008 Wesleyan ranked 13th most expensive in America The Wesleyan Argus
November 22, 2008 Security Slash 'Scares' Students NY Post
November 20, 2008 Hopkins is seventh priciest U.S. college The Johns Hopkins News-Letter
November 10, 2008 WU not among 25 most expensive colleges Student Life
November 3, 2008 BC makes top 20 list of most expensive universities The Heights (Boston College)
October 30, 2008 Web site puts spotlight on costly colleges
October 28, 2008 Georgetown now the 4th most expensive school in the country The Georgetown Voice
October 28, 2008 Colleges Soar Here New York Post
October 28, 2008America's Most Expensive Colleges?
October 28, 2008 GWU knocked out of First Metblogs
October 27, 2008 25 Most Expensive Colleges for 2008-2009 Consumerist
October 27, 2008Campus ClicksSports Illustrated
October 20, 2008 Pepperdine addresses tuition cost as students struggle to find loans Pepperdine Graphic
May 8, 2008Accounting Grads Flood the Job MarketCFO
April 27, 2008 NYU Hikes Tuition 6% New York Post
January 30, 2008 What's Online Seattle Post-Intelligencer