Halloween is one of the greatest events of the year when it comes to college parties.

A crazy Halloween can turn any college into a top party school. Probably one of the best and biggest Halloween parties out there happens at UC Santa Barbara, where people fill the streets of this college town located on the beach for one of the greatest college traditions in America. Other colleges known for having insane Halloween parties include Ohio University and East Carolina University.

The one requirement of a Halloween party is that you must dress up. Many of you may have been planning your costume for months, which is good knowing you'll be prepared for one of the biggest events of the year. Some choose to wait until the last second to throw their costumes together.

Perhaps some of these Halloween costume ideas can spark your creativity so you can think of your own original idea. Most of these costumes can be thrown together pretty quickly and will fit any budget.

  1. Average Joe - Simple. Wear an "Average Joe's" T-Shirt. Pretty easy costume and fairly cheap, especially if you go the route to make your own (A process that involves a plain yellow shirt, red spray paint and making an "Average Joe's" template). As an added bonus, you can carry around your own dodge ball and throw it at party-goers who annoy you.
    Average Joe's Costume
  2. Pimp - Halloween classic that is easy to throw together. Also good for those related party themes.
  3. Beer Man - Guaranteed life of the party. Everybody loves the man with all the beer, especially at festivities such as this.
    Beer Man Costume
  4. Hugh Hefner - Props include a corn cob pipe, robe, and a newspaper under your arm. Wearing a robe can make your night very comfortable, plus all those girls dressed as Playboy Bunnies will flock to you all night long.
    Hugh Hefner Costume
  5. Bum - You are going to being drinking anyway, so why not put a 40oz in a paper bag and call it good?
    Bum Costume
  6. Toga - Frat classic made popular by John Belushi.
    Toga Costume
  7. Bible Salesman
    Bible Salesman Costume

Of course, the best costumes are those that are unique, these are just ideas. You should really try coming up with your own idea. Nobody wants to see a bunch of Average Joe's walking around on Halloween.

Other Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Mrs. Oktoberfest / Bavarian Girl

A cute costume that can also be paired with a Bavarian Guy costume if going as a couple.

Sexy Gretchen Adult
Bavarian Guy Adult Costume

Holly Golightly

Pull off the classy and sexy style of Audrey Hepburn; a costume that isn't too revealing, but will still be a hit with the boys.

Holly Golightly - Breakfast At Tiffany's Adult Costume


The classic stewardess look is a symbol of what flying used to be like when it was enjoyable, a time before we got ran through x-ray machines, were forced to remove our shoes, and could get on a plane with nail clippers and 4oz of hair gel. It's one of those costumes that can be flirty, yet respectable.

Stewardess Adult Costume

Princess Leia

You see all the attention females get when getting in costume at Comic-Con, now you can fulfill any nerds fantasy. The costume also works well when paired with costumes of other Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Sexy Princess Leia Adult Costume

Beer Keg / Keg Cup

The beer keg is typically the center of attention at parties, so with this costume you should do well. If you’re looking for a group costume, the keg cup makes for a good combo as you and your friends can get together to form a beer pong rack.

Beer Keg Adult Costume
Beer Pong Cup Adult Costume

The Joker

If you want to go all out and paint your face...this is your costume.

Batman Dark Knight The Joker Grand Heritage Collection

Ace and Gary from SNL

Have two friends that just seem inseparable? Suggest this costume to them that is sure to get a good laugh whether or not you have seen the skit on Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live Ace & Gary - Ace Adult Costume

Pee-Wee Herman

If you can pull of his laugh, even better. A truly vintage and underrated costume.

Pee-Wee Herman Adult Costume

Where’s Waldo

The Waldo outfit is a good costume for football games because you'll be in a crowd (fitting for this costume), it'll keep you somewhat warm and comfortable, and it won't block the view of the person behind you.

Where's Waldo Plus Adult Costume

Keith Stone

You probably have to have a certain look to pull this off (must be smooth) but you could almost put together this costume yourself and spend less than $10.

Keith Stone