Getting a job after just graduating from college can be difficult if you are not prepared. Follow these 10 tips to help secure post-college employment and get a start on a new career.

  1. Do an Internship - College internships will give you on the job training and will get your foot in the door for a job after college.

  2. Plan Ahead - Start looking for a job before you graduate. Be on top of things by having a plan after graduation.

  3. Business Connections - Make business connections at college and keep in constant contact with them. This could lead to a job offer down the road.

  4. Get an MBA - Can't score that top job you wanted? Increase your self-worth by investing in an MBA at a top business school.

  5. Be a Leader - While in college, join and participate in clubs, sports teams and campus activities.

  6. Flexibility - Be willing to relocate. Being flexible after you graduate from college gives you more opportunities.

  7. Career Fairs - Visit career fairs at your local college and make an effort to meet prospective employers.

  8. Do what you Love - Go for a job you will like, something you will be enthusiastic about and truly enjoy.

  9. Have a killer Resume - Spend time perfecting it.

  10. References - Have your favorite teachers write letters of recommendation.

But most importantly...

Start Looking for a Job before you Graduate!